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BOMAG uses DEM to analyze particulate behavior

BOMAG uses Rocky DEM to analyze particulate behavior in their asphalt plant equipment

BOMAG MARINI LATIN AMERICA (BMLA) wanted to improve the efficiency of the two main components that make up their Titanium 140 Asphalt Plant: the counter flow drying drum and the Multi Paddle Pug Mill mixer. To accomplish this, they needed a way not only to analyze the behavior of the material inside the equipment, but to test out potential solutions in a quick and cost-effective manner.

BOMAG used Rocky DEM to:

  • Understand of the behavior of the particulate material in the Asphalt Plant equipment
  • Detail evaluation of the particle flux considering different designs of the equipment

Discover how BOMAG:

  • Created simulations that considered different designs for the fins in the mixing zone of the Multi Paddle Pug Mill mixer
  • Evaluated the residence time of the particles in the equipment

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