Chemtech solves mining equipment

issues by using Rocky DEM

Siemens Chemtech - a high-end industrial engineering company based in Brazil - uses computer simulation tools, including Rocky DEM, to develop low-cost, high-benefit solutions for equipment problems detected in an iron ore extraction mine.


Chemtech uses Rocky DEM to:

- Identify equipment design problems during the expansion of an iron ore beneficiation plant.

- Simulate several solutions for possible equipment fixes.

- Evaluate the efficiency of the chosen solution upon the equipment.


Discover how Rocky DEM helped Chemtech to:

- Discover low-cost solutions that had the least amount of impact to the equipment structure.

- Demonstrate to the customer that Chemtech’s solution was effective.

- Reduce up to 80% the arrival speed of the material onto the conveyor belt.

- Limit plant stop time and avoid large losses.


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