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CMD uses Rocky DEM to validate mill designs

CMD Consulting uses Rocky DEM power calculations to validate mill designs

CMD Consulting compares Rocky DEM calculations for power draw with those predicted by Morrell’s C- model and finds Rocky to be extremely accurate - an important finding when choosing to use particle flow simulations to validate mill designs.

CMD used Rocky DEM to:

  • Prove that Rocky DEM simulations provide accurate results
  • Show how simulation technology is an important tool for the analyses of equipment
  • Demonstrate that it is possible to make a virtual representation that accurately reflects real-world particle behavior

Discover how CMD:

  • Found that Rocky DEM power draw calculations almost exactly match those predicted by Morrell’s C-model
  • Concluded that Rocky DEM power draw calculations are accurate to ± 6%
  • Instilled confidence in their clients that designs simulated using Rocky DEM will work similarly in the real world

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