Rocky DEM helps PepsiCo cut costs

with Virtual Product Testing

PepsiCo, Inc., one of largest multinational food, snack, and beverage corporations in the world, uses Rocky DEM simulation technology to analyze and improve upon products and processes.


PepsiCo uses Rocky DEM to:

- Test the feasibility of new products and processes.

- Simulate physical interactions between uniquely-shaped materials, such as snack chips, and the processing equipment.

- Evaluate all kinds of equipment issues related to speed, vibration, and material distribution, and to correct problems like material clogging and breakage.


Discover how Rocky DEM helped PepsiCo to:

- Generate unique, complex, and concave particles to customize their simulations.

- Improve the accuracy of their factory equipment set-up for both their new and modified product lines.

- Reduce the number of equipment adjustments.

- Realize a 50% cost reduction with Rocky DEM simulations.


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