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Transfer Chute Design

This webinar will present how the critical flow properties required for proper transfer chute design

This webinar will teach engineers about the critical flow properties required for proper transfer chute design and how to evaluate transfers for reliable flow under all operating conditions.

The presentation will outline the principles and methodologies for optimum flow, will explain how to analyze and fix problems, and will cover the essentials related to the traditional continuum mechanics approach. An overview of numerical simulation approaches, notably, Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) as applied to transfer design and flow analysis, will also be provided.


    • Principles for Optimal Flow
    • Critical Flow Properties, Wall Lining and Chute Type
    • Modeling Transfer Flow: Continuum Theory:

- Burden Profile during Transportation and at Discharge

- Transition, Angle of Discharge, Trajectory

- Transfer Chute Flow Model

- Loading and Acceleration

- Wear Aspects

        • Modeling Transfer Flow: Discrete Element Modelling:

- Overview of Simulated Material Properties

- Selection of Flow Parameters, Calibration and Considerations

- Chute designs demonstration

        • Design principles for Optimal Geometry:

- Deflector Position, Central Loading, Chute Cross Section

- Reducing Wear

- Reducing Dust

- Constrained/Shearing Flow

- Adhesion/Cohesion

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