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Vale uses Rocky and ANSYS simulations to improve equipment

Rocky DEM software helped the Vale Carajás mine

Vale had the challenge of improving two of their beneficiation plants at their Carajás mine. For that, it was necessary separate out the larger pieces of ore at the first plant before the ore transferred to the second plant. With this separation accomplished, Vale could reduce the maintenance stop time of the latter plant and increase the productivity.

To make the change, however, they needed a screen that could efficiently separate the particles of iron ore by size. They bet upon a type of roller screen for their solution, which was originally developed to work with coal, and modified it to fit the structure of the Carajás plants.

Vale used Rocky DEM to:

  • Simulate and test the efficiency of the roller screen equipment at optimal calibrations
  • Couple Rocky DEM with ANSYS FEA simulations to verify that the structure design could support the added weight

Discover how Vale:

  • Reduced the maintenance costs of the second plant
  • Reduced design development from 12 to 3 months
  • Obtained a Return on Investment (ROI) of almost R$ 7 million in just the first year of operation

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