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Pharmaceutical Equipment Design

This webinar will present how DEM simulations can improving Pharmaceutical Equipment Design

In the pharmaceutical industry, granular materials are handled by equipment conducting processes such as powder mixing and blending, powder compaction, granulation, and tablet coating. A tablet coating operation, for example, uses a spray coating process to apply a thin film to a bed of tumbling tablets. Pharmaceutical Equipment Design is very important to the control of the tablet mixing to avoiding defects such as tablet erosion, over coating, and high coating variability between the tablets.

This webinar will present how DEM simulations can be used to predict tasks like tablet mixing in a coating operation. The importance of polyhedral shape representation, and importing custom shapes for accurate representation of the tablets will be discussed. In addition, comprehensive Rocky DEM post-processing capabilities will be presented, which enables equipment designers to examine critical process output parameters for design optimization and risk mitigation during operations, improving Pharmaceutical Equipment Design.


    • Problem and Geometry Descriptions using SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
    • Analysis Setup, Including:

- Geometry Importation

- Particle Importation

- Materials & Particles Definition

- Solver

  • Case Analysis
  • Case Comparison

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