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Analyzing Vibrating Screen Equipment Efficiency Using Particle Simulation

This webinar will present Rocky DEM as a tool used to analyze screening efficiencies

Several industries including mining, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food and chemical use vibrating screens to separate and transport granulated material.

Although vibrating screens have many applications, problems such as adhesion, clogging, corrosion, wear, and uneven feed distribution are still quite common. However, analyzing these types of equipment for ways to increase efficiency can be challenging as the mechanisms of particle motion are not fully comprehended.

In this webinar, Guilherme Hanauer de Lima will present Rocky DEM as a tool used to analyze screening efficiencies through the influence of parameters like vibration frequency, screen angle and particle mass flow in the feeder. Design improvement considerations for geometries will also be covered.


  • Vibrating screen equipment
  • Vibrating screen design issues
  • Simulation setup: geometry and parameters
  • Simulation results and post-processing
  • Vibrating screen design improvements

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