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Calibration of a DEM Simulation with ANSYS Optislang

Webinar presents details about the integration between Rocky and Optislang

Every numerical method relies on the accurate choice of models, solver settings, and material parameters in order to be able to mimic real-world behavior. This is not different for Discrete Elements Method (DEM) simulations, where the calibration of the material interaction parameters is a key step of all projects.

The integration between ANSYS Optislang and Rocky DEM can boost the calibration process by combining the powerful parametric modeling capabilities of ANSYS Workbench with the robust design optimization (RDO) methods of Opstislang. By using optiSLang plug-in, the input parameters selection and variation are automatic, based on sensitivity analysis and meta-modeling techniques, reducing the number of cases to be run and allowing the user to confidently adjust the interaction parameters for the project.

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